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ChicP introduces Velvet edition to its waste-free range

Sustainable hummus company, ChicP, has launched its 'Velvet' flavour for hummus enthusiasts in the UK to enjoy, with every tub helping to reduce food waste and creating a circular economy.

ChicP is known for producing healthy and eco-conscious dips that are also healthy and delicious in equal measure. The brand was founded in 2016 by food waste advocate and former chef, Hannah McCollum, and so far the company has saved over 30,000 veggies from being wasted, thanks to its use of surplus and ‘wonky’ produce.

The brand’s newest edition, Velvet, is a smooth hummus created from different grade chickpeas, mixed with tahini and just a hint of olive oil.

For the new dip, ChicP will be using OGGS' surplus chickpeas. The vegan food manufacturer cooks the chickpeas for their vegan products and rather than wasting them, ChicP is making them into tasty Velvet hummus. 

By turning to home-grown ingredients, ChicP will lower its carbon footprint, support local farmers and pioneer change across the food industry, in order to tackle climate change.

Every tub will also help to create a circular economy and educate consumers on the growing food waste issue.

Every year £650m worth of food is wasted before it leaves the farm. In fact, if all wasted and surplus food in the UK was sold at market value, it would be worth a staggering £1.2bn. Thanks to ChicP, these unwanted veggies are now being rescued.

As with all ChicP products, Velvet is completely gluten, dairy, nut and preservative (not pesticide)-free, and is suitable for vegans and health-conscious cooks. Ideal for dunking, Velvet can also be added to salads or smeared in sandwiches.

Other flavours include Raw Beetroot, Horseradish and Sage, Herby, Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric, Chilli Pumpkin, and Banana Chocolate. Each product is available in individual 170g pots and 1kg tubs and has a starting RRP of £1.99. ChicP is sold in health food stores and delis across the country, including Whole Foods and Planet Organic, as well as online via Ocado and Amazon Fresh.

Hannah McCollum founded ChicP after working for nine years as a private chef, catering for events and businesses across the UK and Europe. She felt driven to do her bit to tackle the food waste problem she saw each day in her work, looking for new ways to convert leftover vegetables into delicious dips to accompany meals.

Hannah explained: “Founded on a passion for, and commitment to, reducing food waste, ChicP is a raw vegetable hummus company, producing delicious alternative dips. 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size, but at ChicP we never turn a healthy vegetable down! I created the brand to counteract the high levels of food waste around the world, taking the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community and our natural resources, as well as influencing our health habits.”

ChicP now has multiple national accolades under its belt, including the Trailblazer Award at Food Vision 2017 and Hannah's work was recognised in her entry to the Social Entrepreneur Index 2019. ChicP has also been recognised by Women’s Health, BBC Good Food, and The Guardian.



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