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We bring a positive, preventative, non-clinical mental health solution, to working age people. We improve mental health by enabling people to talk about it before it becomes a problem. We do this through events whereby people share how they have overcome a struggle in life. Events are relaxed, fun, sociable entertaining, informative and inspiring at the same time.

This approach is unique. Story-tellers and guests benefit from a therapeutic opportunity. Story-tellers are admired and celebrated, guests are inspired and equipped with practical techniques to overcome their own battles.

I started Touch Network as a part-time project. I have experienced severe depression over many years, I still have depression but am much, much better than past years. Many things have helped and supported me, and one of those, is hearing others stories.

There is a crisis of mental health, loneliness, and alienation in Britain. The public sector cannot adequately provide for this within its current model. We are responding by demonstrating a new, innovative, affordable model, focused on prevention and positivity.

We are ken to further our impact, and will continue running storytelling events locally, we are expanding regionally this year, and hope to expand nationally next year. we plan on offering therapeutic opportunities to thousands more people, that will prevent the mental health crisis becoming worse.
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