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Sally Gouldstone

Sally Gouldstone





Seilich is a skincare company with a difference; with nature being at the heart of everything we do, we have become the first company in the UK to gain certification from the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN). The business was started in 2018 by botanist Sally Gouldstone; through our company, we hope to:
- increase awareness about the sustainability of 'natural' products, which often conjure images of pristine ecosystems buzzing with life but all too often have negative impacts on the natural world.
- show that natural products can and should be 'good for nature' by demonstrating that ingredients can be harvested with a minimal impact on biodiversity
- increase the amount of natural habitat within the Lothians.

To meet this objective, the company created a wildflower meadow from which ingredients are sustainably harvested according to Wildlife Friendly principles (see ). We use our Wildlife Friendly certification to promote the importance of nature conservation to a novel audience; though the wellness industry values green/organic/natural products, there is little awareness of how the production of those ingredients might impact the natural world. We use our website, blog posts, social media campaigns and give talks at festivals and conferences to draw attention to these issues.

We also love to share our passion for wild habitats and offer a free habitat creation advice service for local community groups. We have for example worked with Pencaitland Primary School and Belhaven Community Garden, establishing wildflower meadows at both locations, running botanical identification courses for user groups and establishing management plans.
In addition to our nature conservation objectives, our company and products are as sustainable as possible with our products being 100% natural, palm-oil free and UK sourced (wherever possible) and based on low carbon manufacturing methods.

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