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Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

Heartwood Skills CIC

Heartwood Skills CIC


North East

Based in the Northeast of England, Heartwood Skills serves schools, families and individuals from County Durham, Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle. Our mission is to empower - train - equip young people and adults to be all that they can be and ultimately re-engage with society, education and employment.

"If you woke up tomorrow and could be anything you wanted, who would you be?

We look at building relationships with people on the fringes of society, giving them a skill and helping them in the modern world.

We particularly work with youth and those whom are disenfranchised from education and employment through tailor-made bespoke training, mentoring and tutoring projects, in small group or 1:1 contexts, to help them recognise their own potential and place in society.

Our holistic approach is completely centred around each student, taking time to understand them and their story, what barriers to learning they have as well as their current academic level

We work alongside our students and their schools to enable them to achieve success in both academic and vocational courses and are able to recognise their achievements through additional qualifications such as ASDAN and Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

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