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Social entrepreneurs can nominate themselves or be nominated for entry into the Social Entrepreneur Index. Eligible social entrepreneurs will work in any field and be tackling a social or environmental issue at any scale from local to international.


Entries will be considered regardless of size of business or the sector in which the business operates. All the entrants will act as beacons of inspiration for others to encompass positive social impact, as the Index is a celebration of social entrepreneurship across the UK.


In submitting a nomination your business should aim to meet some of the following criteria:


  • Impactful - Create long term, positive social impact and are committed to evaluating that impact.

  • Sustainable - Have a business model which is financially sustainable and hopefully growing.

  • Ethical - Are driven and inspired by a set of social objectives which are central to your activity

  • Creative - You have applied creative solutions to problem solving and goal setting.

  • Innovative - You may have a product, service or technology providing an innovative solution to a social or environmental issue.

  • Compelling - You deliver a compelling vision while actively engaging with relevant stakeholders.

  • Scalable - The concept works, and you are driven to expand it to create a bigger positive impact.

  • Values - The business has strong social values. As a pre-cursor to entry nominations should meet the following:

  • Location - Must have a registered office in the UK

  • Trading - Should be an established trading business

  • Activity - A business operating in any sector meeting the criteria above


Submitting a nomination into the Social Entrepreneur Index is free.

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