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Rich Collins

Sortified CIC

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East Midlands

Sortified are a progressive social enterprise based in the South of Lincolnshire. Our aim is to reduce social and economic inequalities and improve lives. We do this by creating ideas and social change, and producing tools and projects. We are very different to most community organisations. Most of what we do is about working with community organisations, social businesses, councils, and people to shape places and policy, and ultimately to improve lives.

We help community organisations to grow and thrive through support, strategy, and planning; and we help shape the social economy, incubating new social businesses, championing development and innovation, and supporting market growth.

We are all about working with people, and we do this by co-producing and engaging directly with people and communities. We even run a few services that support people directly including supporting carers into employment, and supporting women and young people around mental and emotional health.

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