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School Space

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With education budget cuts, general rising costs and increased employer contributions into pensions, schools in the UK urgently need money. One widely underutilised way for any school to increase its budget with minimum cost is to let their facilities outside of school hours.

This makes use of an often-neglected resource; one that is frequently in high demand from local community groups, and even better, it doesn't require any investment from the school. However, launching and maintaining a successful lettings program at any school can turn into a full-time job for teachers and administrators alike.

That is why we created School Space.

School Space helps primary and secondary schools in the UK generate extra income by letting out their spaces on evenings, weekends, holidays and outside of school hours. By engaging School Space to manage their spaces, schools are able to provide a superior lettings experience to members of the local community with zero hassle.

The School Space team handles:

-Providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process
-Advertising and marketing the space to make sure people know about it
-Managing a calendar of bookings
-Staffing for caretaking and cleaning up after all events
-Welcoming guests and supervising activities onsite
-Invoicing and a full audit trail insurance
-Ensuring all venues are clean and secure, before and after a booking

That way, schools can reap the benefits without getting distracted from providing the highest quality education to their students.

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