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Passion 4 Social CIC

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Passion4Social CIC is an online creative agency offering web design, web/app development, content creation and management, graphic design, digital marketing, Search engine optimisation (SEO), analytics, and accessibility development and testing.

Our social goal is to create sustainable employment opportunities for people in the UK with disabilities, or long-term health conditions, this contributes to their feelings of inclusion, health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

- There were 3.5 million people of working age (16-64) with disabilities in employment between April and June 2017, an employment rate of 49.2%. The employment rate for people without disabilities was 80.6%.

- 346,000 people of working age, with a disability, were unemployed. People with disabilities had an unemployment rate of 9.0%. The unemployment rate for non-disabled people was 3.8%.

- 3.8 million people with disabilities of working age were economically inactive. The economic inactivity rate for those with disabilities was 45.9%. The economic inactivity rate for people without disabilities was 16.2%.

Our ethos is to deliver excellence to the market regardless of disability or diversity.

Since June 2018, we have worked to improve the business model so that both social and commercial goals can be achieved successfully.
We also have an extremely effective environmental outcome as everyone works from home preventing daily commute via car or public transport.

We also employ the services of three disabled freelance workers in our accessibility testing business stream. The aim is to build a freelance platform.

We sell our digital services to Government, Local authorities, SME, and the Third sector.

Our current financial model relies on trading income from our current portfolio of clients. This does not take into consideration any grants or future business streams like; Cyber Security or franchising/licensing.

Passion4social currently has 10 employees. Four managers, (three full time and one part-time) and 6 part-time employees.

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