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Bethany Ainsley

Nuvo Wellbeing CIC

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Healthcare and Medical

North East

Nouveau Wellbeing is an award winning community interest company established in 2008 to encourage increased fitness levels, personal development and healthy lifestyle choices - helping people and communities to feel positive, be active and live well.

We work at a local level with our partners to deliver world-class affordable and fun dance, fitness and healthy eating opportunities for all, believing passionately in the areas where we work and growing our business steadily year on year - providing innovative and friendly programmes delivering long term benefits for individuals and communities.

Being a community interest company is fundamental to us, reflecting our belief that opportunities should not be limited because of where people live or by unaffordable prices, and we plough any trading surpluses back into local programmes.

At the heart of our approach is employing all our staff directly, making sure we have a highly trained and qualified team who know and are mainly from the areas where we work. We also have a skilled and experienced board of directors, giving their time for free, who we can draw on for advice and support.

We work constantly as a team to consult locally on what is needed, build partnerships, and to capture and record our impact using the best tools and techniques we can.

At Nouveau Wellbeing, we are passionate about innovation. Working with key partners and stakeholders we are able to develop new and exciting methods to support people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage, increase and sustain physical activity levels.

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