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Saussan Khalil

Kalamna Cic

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East Midlands

Raising bilingual children is a challenge under the best of circumstances, and Arabic in particular has its own problems: it doesn't always conjure up positive images and experiences, and most parents struggle to find engaging classes for their children to join. Here at Kalamna - meaning 'our words' in Arabic - we have embraced the challenge of changing the way Arabic is perceived and making learning Arabic fun and engaging. Most importantly, our classes focus on the language rather than religion and teach everyday, conversational Arabic.

Since starting in 2015, Kalamna has become a hub for Arabic language and culture in Cambridge, UK. We offer high quality Arabic language classes to children and adults, masterclasses for teachers and parents, cultural workshops, and social events. We also operate a library of children's Arabic language books and DVDs.

We currently have over 50 children and adults enrolled across 8 weekly classes, held at St Faith's School on evenings and weekends. We employ 3 teachers and two student volunteers.

Most recently we have opened our first franchise in Newcastle, which will begin classes on 4 February 2020.

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