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Sally Murray


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Food and Drink

East Midlands

We are an ethical artisan icecream company. We make fabulous icecream (around 70 flavours so far) using fairly traded, natural and local ingredients where possible.

The sole aim of our business is to provide employment for survivors of modern day slavery and enable the rehabilitation of child soldiers.

Modern day slavery is a hidden and horrendous crime, which preys on vulnerable men, women and children. They are trafficked and forced to do degrading and humiliating work, often abused and unpaid. For the fortunate few who escape or are rescued, they will have a mountain to climb to overcome the trauma they have suffered, and begin their journey of recovery. Just-Ice provides a safe and sympathetic place where survivors can take their first steps back in to the world of employment.

Our business values are freedom, fairness, fun and friendship. We hope that by using something as fun as making icecream, we can enable people who have suffered trauma to begin to lead fulfilling and fun filled new lives.

We believe ethical business practices are needed to change the world. We use as many other social enterprises as we can to make our business work. For instance our coffee comes from Manumit who also employ survivors of slavery in their coffee roastery, and our beautiful mango wood benches are from Myakka, a fairtrade furniture business helping craftsmen in India send their kids to school.

We are probably best summed up in our slogan 'The joy of icecream for the joy of freedom!'

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