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Natalie Sharp & Tara Askham

Infused Learning

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East Midlands

Infused Learning is a not for profit business which offers educational courses designed to break down barriers to higher level qualifications and university degrees, by being tailored to suit the individual. The business was set up in 2014 by Natalie Sharpe and Tara Askham, two experienced educators who had also lived through the difficulties of achieving higher level learning while coping with the demands of family life - and resolved to do something about it. Infused Learning has two main strands: working with individuals and working with businesses.

Individual students can take courses in a range of subjects that they access via a "blended learning" model: this is a combination of Skype tutorials and classroom learning that fits around a person's needs, for example: caring for family, special learning needs (like autism or addiction) or employment. Infused Learning works with businesses to fund their core work. It helps employees achieve higher level qualifications while still at work, benefiting employee and employer alike. Business clients include the Civil Service, Volkswagen, Nottinghamshire County Council and Sure Start. Infused Learning also works with the University of Nottingham to help train new students in advanced academic learning, as well as with many other sectors.

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