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Specialist Employment


ELITE Supported Employment provides a range of employment interventions to people with disabilities or those experiencing disadvantage, operating across 16 Counties, in Wales. We provide 1to1 tailored training and support, based on an individual's need, taking their health, abilities and finances into account, as our participants are often those furthest from the labour market, experiencing social isolation and financial deprivation. Without our support and intervention they'd struggle to access training/employment. We're a group of four Social Enterprises. The main Agency supports individuals to prepare and enter employment in their community. Services are funded through contracts with DWP, Welsh Government, ESF, plus grants and trading. Through this process we support 500 people per annum in relation to their employment goals. To achieve this, we've developed 5,000+ employer relationships, also enabling employers to develop their equality and diversity practices.

This is supported by another of our Enterprises, ELITE Training Solutions, which provides a range of accredited and tailored training to employers and their staff, or other organisations in our sector. Through the support of this Enterprise, we enable employers to achieve Disability Confident status, ranging from Public Sector organisations to small SMEs and family run businesses. ELITE Paper Solutions is our Document Management Business, that provides employment to 40 staff, plus apprenticeships, training and volunteering opportunities to 50 people on a weekly basis to aid their employment development. Our contracts with 700+ companies, including the Public Sector, funds our support to individuals from our communities.

Our most recent Enterprise, ELITE Clothing Solutions is enabling the resurrection of Clothing manufacturing in Wales, whilst supporting the creation of jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, for individuals in an area of high deprivation. We have contracts with the private and public sector and most recently supported the NHS in Wales, through the production of PPE Scrubs.

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