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Dave Brazer

Citadel Associates (Ignition Training Centres)

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Yorkshire and Humber

Citadel is a Social Enterprise which was established to support the most marginalised along life's journey through Innovative programs which support Confidence, Mental Health, Long Term unemployed to gain Accredited Qualifications, Training, Life and Employability Skills, Employment Opportunities and/or merely to gain friends and social involvement. We also teach young learners who are excluded from the education system.

We do this through different stages in their journey with programs such as Ignition Training (for skills in the Motor Trade and beyond), Public Speaking, to aid confidence, Unlimited Potential which supports people new to business and entrepreneurship and yes2success to give people digital skills for business and employment prospects. In 2014 we opened our flagship program Ignition Training Centre as an answer to some of the specific problems our clients faced at the time. Ignition is now about to open in Sheffield too and all of our other programs except Ignition Doncaster are moving there to be in a Central location.

Our clients are most marginalised long term unemployed who have been through other provision but still haven't succeeded in their goals. We work with numerous partners and we help with personal development through significant barriers to making friends, to gaining confidence, skills and finally employment.

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