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Jodie Marshall

A Mind Apart Theatre Company Ltd

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Education and Arts

Yorkshire and Humber

A Mind Apart is a unique performing arts organisation with around 12 years of experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to develop themselves creatively, and have access to performing arts, irrelevant of background or age. We work hard to create caring and safe spaces where children, teenagers and adults can learn and develop together and grow in confidence and self-esteem whilst developing their creativity and skills and learning new techniques.

Our services are divided into three areas: Education, Community and Classes and professional and business development. They include alternative educational provision for students not in full time education (some of the most vulnerable young people in the city), after school clubs, evening performing arts classes, holiday clubs, adult classes and courses, project work with a wide range of groups, from Age UK to youth clubs; and consultancy and support targeting creatives wanting to make their art form work for them. Fundamentally we aim to make performing arts accessible and encourage people to use it as a tool for change whilst also supporting creatives in their professional journey and encouraging them to make their career work for them in one of the most challenging sectors to work in.

Working closely with professionals and teachers, we offer skills training, support and consultancy in using our tried and tested ways of working. Our team are constantly being innovative and engaged in the theatre, arts and education industry; from consultancy to performing and directing. We offer a wide range of skills to all those we work with, whilst making sure we stay current to the needs of the areas we work in.

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