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New Enterprise Launches to Revolutionise Global Impact Sector

In response to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ warning at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos 2019 that the world’s problems are becoming more ‘integrated’ but its responses more ‘fragmented’ and ‘dysfunctional’, an ambitious new organisation aimed at revolutionising the social impact and advocacy sector through cross-sector collaboration is launching to empower the next generation of leaders, businesses and change-makers to support social good causes.

Natasha Mudhar , CEO Sterling Group and Worrld We Want

Worrld We Want (WWW) is a global impact enterprise launched to unlock the collective strength of people, ideas, networks and technologies to accelerate achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

193 world leaders adopted The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, an ambitious plan to end global poverty, tackle climate change and reduce inequalities by 2030.

2019 represents a fast-changing world, where the assumptions and rules of old no longer apply, and where new ideas are born every day. As the UN Secretary General highlighted in Davos, issues of climate change and inequalities remain the world’s biggest challenges due to a lack of cooperation. The rise of social justice activism and corporate social responsibility reflects a generation imbued with the desire to do well by doing good. WWW has been launched with the aim of harnessing that sense of purpose to convert into meaningful action, combining revolutionary ideas with responsible goals.

With an international team of experts based in the UK, India, USA, Hong Kong and the UAE, WWW has been co-founded by Teji Singh and Natasha Mudhar, seasoned entrepreneurs and the driving force behind the global business consultancy Sterling Group.

WWW is powered by “Accelerator” ventures aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on convening leading organisations, corporations, public figures including celebrities, campaigners and thought leaders around the world to awaken social consciousness and drive meaningful change. Ventures include identifying and enabling the change makers of the future through events, indexes, mentorship and incubation initiatives, empowering the world’s citizens through supporting open data policies, harnessing the power of celebrity and pop culture to entertain and inspire audiences and supporting critical impact projects through an ethical investment fund. “Accelerator” ventures include:

W: More than a consultancy, W will help businesses to turn their social good initiatives into a movement, through storytelling and encouraging cross-sector collaboration. With W’s guidance, more businesses will understand how they can do well by doing good, and how to create clear and compelling narratives that reflect what audiences really care about.

Change4Good: Change4Good will look to the change makers of tomorrow. With the solutions to tackling complex challenges likely to come from creative, idealist, ambitious and energetic minds, Change4Good will showcase young leaders who are already making a difference. This will culminate with the launch of a Globe Shakers index profiling young change makers.

PowerToPeople: PowerToPeople will aim to support open data initiatives to empower the world’s citizens and provide solutions to major global issues. Through working together to build a strong data ecosystem, PowerToPeople will create the opportunity for everyone to access the knowledge they need to help to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible Business: WWW will also have an expert service that will help companies to craft corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and become more trustworthy, accountable and responsible. Businesses will be given guidance on how to modify leadership, values and actions to craft a credible CSR strategy for today’s corporate world, respecting the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

PopularCulture4Good (PC4Good): Pop Culture is a useful tool that can be used to develop national and international communication strategies. PC4Good will help businesses to use the power of celebrities - from artists, musicians and film stars to cultural leaders -to bring attention to social good causes and to create impactful change.

W Impact Investment Fund: The W Impact Investment Fund is a global consortium that has been set up to support critical impact projects, backed by investors seeking sustainable finance and green investment portfolios. Through ethical investment, the fund will help to create action and impact around the world. Supporting critical impact projects around the world through ethical investment.

Tashan: An ethical lifestyle and wellness retail brand with the core values of creating style with substance, centred around a planet conscious way of life. Tashan will aim to be a noble model for retail – creating a value-driven enterprise, sustainably sourced and ethically created for the modern consumer.

Speaking about the launch of Worrld We Want, co-founder and chairperson Teji Singh, said: “Worrld We Want represents an exciting opportunity to convene changemakers from around the world and help to create new ones, all working to achieve the sustainable development goals. Now is the time to take action, and it will take our collective expertise, resources and willpower to build a better future for the world. We look forward to working with our partners and businesses to create truly effective global impact through cross-sector collaboration.”

Co-founder and CEO, Natasha Mudhar, said: “We are proud at last to unveil Worrld We Want. After years of bringing brands closer to their purpose, with WWW we aim to turn that purpose into action, by supporting new ideas for global impact and social good across sectors. The UN Secretary General is right that a dysfunctional and fragmented response from the world only makes challenges more difficult to overcome. Most of today’s social challenges are too complex for any single individual or institution to solve. And that’s why we believe cross-sector collaboration is the game changer for social change. We believe that by working together, with revolutionary ideas and responsible goals, we can build the best possible world – the worrld we want.”



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