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Jon Johnson

Reach Homes CIC

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Yorkshire and Humber

REACH Homes was established to change the housing market and to make affordable eco-homes available to anyone needing high-quality, low priced zero carbon sustainable housing.

Using a high % of reclaimed materials and offsite construction methods, we will provide the answer to the needs of the many thousands who are currently forced to live in sub-standard, rented and overpriced homes currently offered by a building industry set up to make vast profits and perpetuate the housing crisis.

Last year in the UK only 171,000 new homes were built, of which a mere 4,300 were for social rent. At least 100,000 new affordable homes are required to even keep pace and there is currently no requirement on housebuilders to use environmentally-friendly methods or materials. This needs to change and REACH is determined to be the catalyst.

Creating beautiful homes from shipping containers using cutting-edge techniques and training up local people to build the way we need to in the future, we build communities, not just houses. Inter-dependent living, even in these trying times, is the way forward to get people working together, rather than increasingly being set apart.

REACH Homes - our future, built better.

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