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Elaine Everett

Motivation & Co. (UK) Ltd

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Healthcare and Medical

Yorkshire and Humber

Background: In July 1998, Elaine Everett after visiting her grandfather living with Dementia in a care home, saw a need for change, rolled up her sleeves and developed a ground-breaking new service concept for the care sector that would make a difference. With no business blueprint to follow, Motivation & Co. was created with its unique programmes, and materials including a patented Game. Elaine identified a number of specialist advisers, all accredited to work with older people for exercise and physiotherapy, relaxation therapy and researched into cognitive mental stimulation therapy.

Who we are: Motivation & Co Specialise in physical and cognitive stimulation. Our programmes have been designed and fully researched to provide challenging, stimulation and motivating levels to suit all abilities.

The Motivation & Co. Class has been fully Researched independently by Leeds Metropolitan University, Dr M Cattan - Centre for Health Promotion Research with Dr G M Fox & Dr J C McCreanor in partnership with St James Teach Hospital.

Motivation & Co. Were the chosen professional by NHS Hertfordshire to develop a falls prevention programme specific to dementia Clients.

Our service is delivered to the whole care sector: Residential, Dementia, Nursing, Learning Disability & Mental Health Care Homes, also Brain injury Units, including Day Care Centres, In the Community and Hospitals.

What we do: The Motivation & Co. Class is delivered for one hour and each session is broken down into four sections delivering the full package: Cognitive Therapy, Chair based exercises, Game section and Music Therapy.

It is this format that has been research proving we do make a difference.

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