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Helen Victoria

Living Liberté

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West Midlands

Living Liberte is a social enterprise tackling Britain's relationship abuse from a preventative perspective. The company provides school workshops and online resources to educate young people about what a healthy relationship looks like.

The workshops and resources shared by Living Liberte aims to inform young people of the red flags of abuse along with sharing lessons in how to form healthy, happy relationships.

The ultimate social impact goal of Living Liberte is to prevent relationship violence for young people in their futures.

A domestic violence survivor herself, Helen Victoria is the proud founder of the relationship education enterprise Living Liberte. Her work takes her into secondary school environments teaching young people how to build healthy love, and how to avoid abuse.

Helen is also a relationship coach and a part time writer. The Living Liberte blog was the start point for the company and this venture, and it remains a significant and positive part of her outreach work.

The work of Living Liberte is based primarily in the Midlands. However, the free resources and online articles available online support young people all over the country both individually and in group support sessions.

The journey of Living Liberte began 8 years ago as a simple blog concept, started by a young woman who had a vision for a violence free future for others. Living Liberte stands proudly today as a strong tool for change, representing the true possibilities of life beyond relationship abuse.

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