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Sian Conway

Ethical Hour Ltd

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West Midlands

Ethical Hour is the world's first and largest B2B community for ethical and sustainable entrepreneurs around the world.

We connect over 57,000 impact driven entrepreneurs, organisations and consumers on social media, where our aim is to "start conversations that matter" through our weekly ethical and sustainability focused Twitter chats and larger-scale activism campaigns throughout the year, which are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ethical Hour is on a mission to help good businesses grow.

To create a world where ethical and sustainable consumption is the default position for every consumer, because all businesses operate that way automatically. To build a future where business is a powerful force for good.

We believe in a world where businesses solve problems: for their consumers, for their community and for the planet. Where instead of making people want things, they make things that people want. Where instead of having more, they focus on giving more. Our mission is to unite a community that believe in our vision and empower them to make it happen.

We support ethical and sustainable start-ups, social enterprises and growing purpose-driven businesses with marketing training and coaching, designed to help them grow their income, influence and impact.

Our membership community is the most affordable way for business owners to access support - for just �20 a month they get access to coaching, training and a supportive community of like-minded people, which helps eliminate the loneliness of running a purpose-driven business.

We also provide one-to-one coaching and strategy consultancy.

Our profits are re-invested to causes aligned with the SDGs through B1G1 and into microfinance loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries through Lend With Care. We also plant and protect trees and forests through One Tree Planted and Stand For Trees.

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