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Birmingham Enterprise Community

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Business Training & Advice

West Midlands

Birmingham Enterprise Community (BEC) is a Midlands based organisation providing support to emerging entrepreneurs and changemakers by empowering them to take their ideas and turn them into reality.

BEC runs a range of initiatives to support it's community from idea stage through to building a scaling, high growth business. This starts with its Startup Sprint programme, which supports teams and individuals looking to start a new business to build essential skills and access resources every new entrepreneur needs, and culminates in BEC's flagship FORWARD Accelerator Programme, which is one of the fastest growing accelerator programmes in the UK. The FORWARD Accelerator welcomes ambitious scaleup entrepreneurs from across the world to access a range of resources to help fuel the high growth of their business. All of these programmes include opportunities to learn from experts, access to a global mentor pool, access to networks and partners and a place in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

BEC also embeds inclusivity into all of its programmes by providing additional support to groups usually underrepresented in entrepreneurship by addressing barriers that these groups face to engaging in starting a business. It recently launched the 'BEC Female Founder Scholarship' in response to the Alison Rose Review to provide fully-funded place to any women looking to start a new business or who has recently started a business. This support also includes specialist mentorship from mentors that understand the challenges faced by women starting businesses.

Finally, as these core programmes BEC also organises activities that are designed to raise awareness of world issues and encourage individuals to use entrepreneurship as a way of solving these issues to create pro social impact at scale such as it's Change 7 Hour Challenge that it ran alongside Aston University.

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