Scholé aims to ensure that every child in East Africa has access to a world class education at an affordable price.

We believe that high quality schools are absolutely critical to Africa's future, ensuring that it can cast off the political and economic shackles which have historically kept the continent poor.Scholé owns and operates low cost private schools in East Africa. We currently run 9 schools in Kenya and 2 schools in Uganda, educating over 4,000 students. We aim to be educating 50,000 students across 4 countries within 10 years.

We apply international (especially British) education best practice to the low cost private school sector in East Africa. It is the only major international operator focused on acquiring and improving existing schools in the region.Scholé cut its teeth in Zambia, piloting its school improvement model in two schools in Lusaka from 2014-17. In 2015 we secured investment from Pansophic Learning, a US education company, and made our first acquisition – a secondary boarding school in Kampala, Uganda. This was followed in 2018 with the acquisition of Makini Schools, a group of 8 schools in Nairobi and Kisumu in Kenya, backed by investment from ADvTECH, Africa’s largest school operator. In 2019 we are opening two more schools in Kampala and Kisumu.

Scholé has improved academic outcomes in terms of both public exam results and progress in all our schools. In commercial terms, we are already profitable and have successfully raised and deployed multi-million dollar debt and equity funds from our international investors.

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