REACH Homes CIC was founded in 2016 as a response to the challenge posed by the lack of truly affordable housing. With a unique ethical and sustainable product in a huge market with no competitors it only remains for us to translate the promise of the idea into reality and be able to offer secure, efficient and inexpensive homes to those in sub-standard rented accommodation, low-wage jobs, first-time buyer queues, and many more.

Our homes are based on converted shipping containers combined with cutting edge design, green tech and 60% recycled building materials to create beautiful, low cost, low carbon homes.
Our vision is to provide the best accommodation for the least money with the lowest heating bills to as many people as possible, be that in rented, shared-ownership or owner-occupation.

Potential clients, including Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Land Trusts and local projects, with the first land deal expected early in 2019. This will scale within 2 years to produce 600 units per year and employ up to 50 staff on a 3-shift system.

We may be early-stage but the potential is huge in terms of the social impact. Lives changed, economies balanced, communities secured, jobs and training created, opportunities presented - the scope is massive.


Jon Johnson


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