PEAS' vision is a world where all young people have access to a quality secondary education. We launched our first school in Uganda in 2008 and have grown to a network of 32 schools, 28 in Uganda and four in Zambia.

In 2016, PEAS established a ground-breaking non-profit public private partnership with the Ministry of General Education in Zambia, ensuring PEAS is able to provide free day education to some of the most marginalised students in Zambia. PEAS is educating over 15,000 students from some of the most underserved communities in Uganda and Zambia.

We concentrate on opening schools in rural communities that are suffering a severe shortage of quality secondary education. Without PEAS, the children we educate would almost certainly not be in school. We specialise in helping girls successfully complete secondary school, as they are among the most excluded from secondary education due to economic and social barriers.

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