Lingo Flamingo is the world's first social enterprise to make language learning accessible to older adults. Teaching languages to older adults may sound surprising, but the reasons we do it are straightforward.

Our experience shows that learning a language is good for the brain, and good for the banter. Learning a language gives students a much-needed opportunity to socialise, have fun, and acts as a form of brain training in the process. Learning a language has astonishing benefits to the older brain and can help protect the brain against dementia. We believe it is never too late to learn, and our language classes prove the value in continuing to learn a new skill in later life.

For all these reasons, we teach stimulating and innovative language classes to older adults in care homes and day centres.

Since founding in 2015, we have taught over 1,200 classes to over 600 older adults. We have created workbooks which incorporate engaging and interactive lesson plans, and pride ourselves on having developed teaching resources which are specifically tailored towards the older learner.

Using these specially designed teaching resources, we can ensure that our lessons are stimulating, engaging, multi-sensory and accessible to all.
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